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A brief description of who we are and what we do:

The ICARUS Heat Exchange Group established in 1996 is located in the historical “Scheepvaartkwartier” (the Shipping Quarters) in Rotterdam and provides industrial heat exchange solutions. In association with our partners we design and manufacture industrial heat exchange equipment for all different types or application. Due to the unique features of our equipment we can provide solutions for practically each application through a combining of our flexibility in design, a relative short delivery term and a competitive price/quality ratio. We are active in the following segments: oil & gas, power & energy,  petrochemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, surface-finishing, the food industry, fluid control systems, HVAC and refrigeration.

Our client base:

We are a business-to-business oriented company. Our main clients consist of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Integrated System Installers and End Users.

What we do not do:

The ICARUS Heat Exchange Group does not perform on-site installing activities or service & maintenance. These activities are generally performed by the retailer or by the end user’s maintenance department.


We believe that we are exclusive in our field due to our expertise.  We have established global business relations and we will respond to all enquiries within two working days. Please do not hesitate to contact us in: German, French, Spanish and Russian. Contact details

 low-pressure-steam-condenser       z atex-120kw-380v-3ph                air heating module two stages


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